No more skittles!


So towards the end of January I felt like my jeans were getting a little tight, you know what I mean right? When you have to wiggle into them, and lie down on the bed to squeeze them on? I’ll blame it on the holidays. So I decided enough was enough and I needed to cut out all the junk. Now the problem is I am a complete Coca-Cola and carb junkie. I’ll give up the sweets any day for a nice cheese sandwich. Ahhh, don’t let me get started.

No more skittles 😦 Oh the agony.

So far I’ve been doing pretty well. My philosophy this time has been consistency. I’ve cut out junk food like chips and sweets, and soft drinks, and replaced them with more fruit and plenty of water. I try to only eat healthy carbs in the morning, and then eat protein and vegetables for lunch and supper. It hasn’t been easy but the trick to maintaining it has been indulging in small treats every now and then. I’ve already noticed I’ve lost weight, although I haven’t weighed myself.

If I weigh myself I feel like I am putting numbers to my weight loss and I always end up feeling disappointed that I’m not losing it fast enough. This time my goal is to steadily lose weight over a longer period of time, and to put less emphasis on the figures, and more exphasis on feeling good and fitting into clothes. Already I’m fitting back into my jeans and feeling better.

Here are some of my tips and tricks to keep me going:

If I feel like chocolate I’ll have a nibble on 70% – 85% dark chocolate. It has very little fat in it, but it satisfies the craving.

If I feel like a soft drink I substitute it for Rose’s Lime cordial, and use about half a tot mixed with soda water. It really refreshing and beats the constant glasses of water I consume otherwise.

When I eat carbs I try fill up on low GI breads, or bran flakes in the morning. If I indulge and have a pasta dish I make it wholewheat pasta with a tomato based sauce.

I would never be able to give up cheese, so instead I substitute it for low fat versions, like a low fat or fat free cottage cheese.

A good glass of red wine can be well deserved after a long day, and it’s good for the heart!

I also don’t deprive myself on special days. It was my boyfriend’s birthday and I ate ice-cream. So what? I didn’t die and that one day of ice-cream probably did more good than bad. It actually boosted my morale and didn’t make me feel so deprived, allowing me to stay motivated the next day.

Check out this great site with awesome recipes and tips to keep you satisfied but still losing!

So here’s to fitting into those skinny jeans again!



P.S. I’ll keep you updated with my weight loss antics. It’ll keep me motivated to keep up with it. Maybe we can even keep each other motivated!

3 Responses to “No more skittles!”

  1. 1 vinda

    hi there, Alex. congrats for the new blog. you have a nice blog layout, and such a fun post to read. thanks for sharing the tips, now i’m inspired, too.

  2. Good luck hun – I’m glad I inspired you! x

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