Shiny little perks!


So today I woke up feeling quite down, and as a girl there really are only a few things that will make a bad day a good day. One is chocolate cake, but since I’m on a ‘diet’, I’m not going to even go there. So… I dragged my sorry arse to the shops to do some retail therapy. Normally this is one of those things that I was built for. Shopping is an advanced skill of mine, but not today. 😦 I looked everywhere in search of a garment or item of makeup that would ease my pain. Everything was just okay fitting and generally overpriced, and although I went into MAC and Estee Lauder searching for the perfect nude; I think my heart just wasn’t in it. And so as a last resort I found myself searching for some shiny pretty things to adorn myself with.

I got some really gorgeous bargain buys, that made me feel so much better and will keep me looking pretty even when I’m not feeling so pretty inside.

First up I went into Sass Diva in Sandton City, I was searching through their hair bands and found this beauty. Another girl spotted it about a mili-second after me, and luckily my reflexes are quicker and I grabbed it like my life depended on it. It happened to be the last one.  It reminds me of the feathered hairpieces Kenley used to wear in Project Runway season 5 (she used to irritate that crap out of me, but I sure did like her pretty feathered retro do!)

My version at R150.00 from Sass Diva (sorry to all the international ladies!)

After my little victory of the hair piece I wondered around the store a little more and came across a really gorgeous gold swallow necklace, with two different length chains. This bad boy was only R95.00.

And lastly after my first two purchases which I felt quite smug about, I wondered into Accessorize. They have so much cute stuff there, I really had to try control myself, and I finally settled on the cutest pair of earrings, little Mad Hatter’s clocks. They were only R79.00 and another guilt free bargain.

It’s terrible to say, but shopping and pretty shiny things really do make a girl feel better! Now all I need is a cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake!



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2 Responses to “Shiny little perks!”

  1. 1 vinda

    beautiful items, alexa! i really like the first smiling picture, too. you look pretty. you really have such a nice smile!! interesting story as always. you’re always so fun!

  2. Hey vinda! I wish that was me 🙂 that’s actually kenley from project runway, I wanted to show the feather hair pieces she used to wear! perhaps I’ll post a better pic of me today! 🙂 but thanks for your comment, I’m glad you’re enjoying my posts!

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