Yes that’s me! On the Illamasqua blog!


So I was browsing through all my subscriptions to the blogs I follow a couple weeks ago, and I saw the competition Illamasqua was holding. The challenge is to come up with the colour for a nail polish, pitch it to them in 50 or less words accompanied with a picture that illustrates your inspiration, and if you win Illamasqua will produce your nailpolish exclusively and sell it throughout the UK. What a fabulous, wonderful, exciting competition!

The link to the competition and it’s details:

Soooooo… today I was browsing the blog, catching up. You know, the usual. And I saw this awesome post, an update on the nail varnish competition. And my entry was there!

Black mamba; dangerous and beautiful; lightning fast killer. They say if you get close enough to see the inky black of its mouth, that’ll be the last thing you see. My colour would be an ashy khaki grey. Enticing, rich, glossy nails, just like the mamba’s distinct scales. Deadly, divine.

Mine was inspired by South Africa of course, and the awesome wildlife we have here. And the dangerous wildlife. Who wouldn’t want glossy mamba scale nails? Sophisticated, unusual and dangerous!

Check out Illamasqua’s website. They have gorgeous products, and what I love most about them is their awesome ethos. Makeup for your alter ego!



5 Responses to “Yes that’s me! On the Illamasqua blog!”

  1. Oh, that is so cool!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog. About the fringe.. since I did this mine has cooperated every single morning. When blowdrying, blow it from side to side to side to side over and over again, then brush it forward and you get no gaps and lots of shine! xx

    • Oh awesome, I’ll try that tomorrow. Crossing my fingers I don’t arrive at the interview looking all fluffy!

  3. P.S. Who left a nasty comment?? x

    • Oh some nasty person! I haven’t approved it, I only replied and realised that my reply came up under the post! There is no time for nastiness in this world!

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