Chanel – Vitalumière Fluid Foundation


Well, the time has come to touch on the subject of foundations. Now this is a tough one for me, because it’s such a personalised thing. I even find my skin changes daily and I have to adapt my foundation regimen accordingly. I probably have about 4 foundations that I rotate between; namely Estee Lauder Futurist, MAC Mineralize Satin Finish and Dior Skin Nude. They are all completely different but cater to my skin needs for that day.

Well that was until I bought this beauty; the revered and much worshipped Chanel Vitalumière. Oh what can I say about this gorgeous foundation that hasn’t been said before? It provides a light to medium coverage, with a dewy, satin finish that leaves skin looking awake and glowy without looking greasy or glittery.

The bottle is lovely and understated and uses a pump to dispense just the right amount of product for one application. I love the classic Chanel logo on the top of the lid; very luxurious. The product does have quite a strong scent, but I personally like this in these types of products.

I’ve read some people’s reviews and some have commented about the sticky almost tacky feel of this foundation on the skin, and although I don’t agree completely I perhaps see what they mean. It does feel slightly tacky for the first 10 minutes of application but after that I found that the feeling completely disappears. I have quite good skin to begin with so the coverage is perfect for me, and actually probably a little heavier than I’m used to, but used sparingly it creates the most perfect canvas. The great thing though is that I can still see my freckles through it. (I hate disguising skin, let’s start a revolution where freckles are good and just enhancing real skin is the objective!)

The thing that I love most about this foundation is the finish. It’s dewy without being greasy, and after a light powdering through the t-zone it leaves the most perfect natural satin finish. That being said, if you’ve got oily skin, don’t go there. This just may be too moisturizing for you, and you may be better off with the Pro Lumière. I have normal skin with slight oiliness through the t-zone, which I combat with a little powder. It does photograph beautifully, which is important for me. (Not that I’m being swamped by the paparazzi or anything.)

I use my fingers to apply, which I do with all foundations. I had a brief affair with foundation brushes, but I just feel applying with the fingers genuinely gets the most natural, perfectly blended look for me, no streaks or lines or unblended areas. I also had a brief and tormented affair with the MAC 187, but I don’t want to have to stipple my foundation and go through a massive process, when it can be as easy as using my fingers. This foundation applies beautifully with fingers thankfully.

I have this in 20 Clair and it’s a great match because my neck is slightly more yellow toned than my pink face, and this matches them up perfectly. If you have oilier skin rather try some of their other foundations or if you’re looking for a little more coverage I’d try the Pro Lumière or the Mat Lumière.

But for me this foundation is perfect and completely worth the price. (R450.00; available at Chanel counters at Edgars nationwide. Although go check it out at Chanel in Melrose Arch at the exquisite new Edgars. The beauty department is encased in vast sheets of glass, and the light that pours in means that it’s perfect for you to test out your foundation in natural sunlight.) If they ever discontinued this I can bet thousands of women across the world would be seriously put off.

Price: Pricey but completely worth it.

Quality: Excellent.

Repurchase: Yes, even if I was a hobo and had no money. I would FIND the money.

Total: 9/10


One Response to “Chanel – Vitalumière Fluid Foundation”

  1. 1 Jisela

    I really want to try this, but last time I went they didn’t have a good match for my color.

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