What was I thinking?!


I am woeful. Desperately sad, and I’ll explain why. I was on a job yesterday and thought to myself, “Wow you have amazing products in your kit, but your daily makeup is so boring!” After realising that I had slipped into an existential makeup funk, this morning while getting ready I decided to drag myself out of the gutter and dig around in my makeup collection in my room. Amongst the goodies I found MAC’s Paint Pot in Soft Ochre and MAC’s Satin Taupe. Now these may sound boring; and that’s probably why they were relegated to the bottom of my drawer, but dear God what was I thinking?!

Soft Ochre is the perfect base for shadows, and I used to use it daily before losing interest. It’s a great neutral base that evens up skin tone and provides a sticky base for shadows to adhere to, it helps them last longer too. It’s perfect on its own too, for a really neutral coloured lid.

And Satin Taupe! How could I? I admit when I first bought this eyeshadow it was completely under the pressure of all the great reviews I’d read online. I wasn’t completely sold and after wearing it a few times I resigned it with the conclusion that it was boring, too frosty and just not to my taste. Well obviously I was off my rocker, because how could thousands of women be wrong?

This is a completely stupid photo and does this shadow no justice, but it gives you an idea.

It is exactly what it says, a lovely satiny taupe colour that leans on the cool side. Its pigmentation can be adjusted from a light wash to a deep sheen. I personally like it deep and smokey. Today I wore it all over the lid and slightly winged out. (I never bother with millions of shades on my eyes, as I have quite small lids, and I’ve always thought it can look ridiculously outdated. This is the 21st century! Think catwalk, think modern peeps!) It looks gorgeous, and compliments my green eyes beautifully. I can’t believe I haven’t been using this everyday; and that makes me quite sad. Oh Satin Taupe, I weep over all the good times we could have had.

Well in the interim I’ve decided I better keep discovering old products and retrying in the light of my new attitude. Are there any products you’ve rediscovered?



2 Responses to “What was I thinking?!”

  1. Thanks to you i decided to pull Satin Taupe out the depths of my kit, I tried a new combination and wore it with Handwritten… love love love!

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