Illamasqua Haul and liquid metal review


Illamasqua is a brand I’ve had my eye on for ages. A British brand that’s relatively new to the cosmetic and beauty world has completely blown brands like MAC away with their experimental and vast array of products and shades. I was lucky enough to be given 10 Illamasqua products to try out by my boyfriend’s family who got them overseas for me. The products are lovely, and are completely refreshing compared to the brands available in South Africa.

Here’s what I got in my glorious haul:

Powdered Metal in Thalia (Golden tan shimmer)

Liquid Metal in Solstice (Molten gold) and Enrapture (Molten bronze)

Pure Pigment in Android, (Shimmering charcoal black) Chasm (Golden turquoise shimmer) and Static (Iridescent pink / silver)

Lipstick in Scandal (Warm coral pink)

Intense lipgloss in Petulant (Hot magenta pink)

Nail Varnish in MILF (Bright mint creme, glossy finish) and Baptiste (Deep royal purple, shimmer finish)

I’ve tried all the products and I’m highly impressed so far. They’re ultra pigmented and really unique and the names are entertaining.

So I thought I’d review a couple of the liquid metals that I received. They’re £17.00 each. I really love a bit of bling, and have been compared to a magpie, because I seem to be drawn to all things sparkly.

Solstice on the left and Enrapture on the right. Illamasqua’s site says this about them:

Prepare to dazzle with this gloriously rich and highly pigmented metallic cream. Use to adorn eyes, face and body, and apply with fingers or a brush. Release your inhibitions and illuminate your alter ego.

And these really are highly pigmented as you can see from my swatches; one swipe was all that was needed to build up intense colour payoff. I’ve experimented with these babies and I find that because of their texture when you apply them to the eye they crease and slide around like mad, so if you don’t mind that then these are good for an ultra grungy creased eye, but otherwise I think they’re great applied with a fine brush around the tear duct as a highlighter and they don’t shift much then.

They’re also really nice used as a cream highlighter over the tops of the cheek bones. I am fantasizing about them applied over bare bronzed shoulders in summer too. You can apply a small amount and sheer it out over the skin and you’re left with a very subtle metallic sheen, otherwise you can apply them liberally and get a molten look. I’ve even applied them to my lips as a metallic lipstick and they hold up quite well.

All in all they’re amazing products, very pigmented and it would take you forever to get through the pan. I do think that they’re not everyday products and I’ll probably find far more uses for them on sets or photo shoots as they are such a specialised product. But if you enjoy experimenting and you’re looking for a metallic product these are a winner. I’d definitely repurchase, providing I ever got through these two!

The gold is slightly softer in consistency that the bronze and tends to slide around far more, but it is the most amazing gold.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on Illamasqua products they do ship internationally (otherwise available in the UK, Dubai and some stores in the US). Visit their site

I think I am officially obsessed, so expect loads more reviews on the other products I got. Hope you like!



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One Response to “Illamasqua Haul and liquid metal review”

  1. Wow!

    I have yet to find them in stores however, I can’t wait to.

    I know they have a great nail varnish range.

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