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I know I have been the worst blogger ever. Guilty as charged. This month has been absolutely mad, and I’ve hardly had any time to sit back and do some posts. Over the last few days I’ve worked on some interesting things… I worked on a local Debonairs advert which was just a weather day because their shoot had been rained out a few weeks ago so I was hired for that. Then I just came back from the border of Zimbabwe where we shot a Woolworths advert. (Woolworths in South Africa isn’t the same as the UK. Over here it’s an exclusive upmarket store that sells high quality food and clothing as well as cosmetics and other wonderful things.) They’ve started a new campiagne titled “Woolworth’s Search for Good Food with Justin Bonello and Bill Granger”.

The exciting thing is that I got to make up Justin Bonello from BBC’s show Cooked and Australian celebrity Bill Granger from BBC’s show Bill’s Food.

Local boy Justin Bonello

Bill Granger

Both gentlemen were lovely and being on the Zimbabwean border was an interesting experience. The advert was for Woolie’s fresh fruit and veg produce which they source from up there and I have to say the produce is absolutely amazing, and now that I know all about the farming of it I’m even more supportive of the brand.

When I got back I was thrown head first into another job… and even more still to come next week. I have to say I was knackered but had a little time to recover this past weekend.

And with some exciting news…some of the film prints from my shoot in Soweto with designer Kepi and London based photographer Jonty Van Zeller have come in… and I have to say that I love the film so much more than the digital. Digital strips all the depth from the image and these images really look wonderful and convey the colourful nature of Soweto so much better.

This one is my favourite, I just love this model – she has a very androgynous feel to her.

I hope you like these images… and I’ll keep you updated with more posts as things quieten down. I did a little shopping yesterday so will show off what I got.




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