MAC To the Beach Collection


Lately I’ve been pretty uninterested in MACs Limited Edition Launches, until I saw the Promo pictures of their To the Beach collection and I have to say the gorgeous orange and green packaging and corally / bronze colours really won me over.

Things that I really had my eye on were the blushers and the cream bronzers.

Blushers in Hipness and Get-Away Bronze

Cream Bronzers in Beach Bronze and Weekend.

Unfortunately for me the blusher I had my eye on; Hipness was already sold out, which was so disappointing. So I moved on to try the cream bronzers… I tried them and I have to say I was disappointed with the consistency of these… perhaps they would be better for oily skin. They seemed creamy enough until you smoothed them onto the skin and then they became quite powdery and it makes me wonder if they will have the tendency to blotch a bit on my dryer skin. The colour selection wasn’t to my taste either, which was disappointing.

But once I was at the display the Highlighter Marine Life really caught my eye.

Despite it’s gorgeous sea horse design and gold overspray (this comes off with one swipe of your brush) the actual colours were really beautiful. The deeper pink would be much better suited to a corally blusher and the lighter pink shade could work as a highlighter or light blusher. This really was a stand out for me and completely worth it. The design is gorgeous and I’m not looking forward to messing up mine… but I will do it in the name of a gorgeous coral glow.

Other nice products would be the coral nail polish and some of the lippies and glosses if you’re looking for pretty but bright colours. The eye shadows were a bit of a disappointment unfortunately, two of them being part of MACs permanent line (Shimmermoss and Humid).

But if you’re keen on pretty coral colours and that bronzed beachy look then this is a lovely collection to check out and the packaging is truly gorgeous.

Let me know which items you’ve invested in and I may find myself back at MAC for more!



6 Responses to “MAC To the Beach Collection”

  1. Same here…
    I didn’t get anything from MAC’s pret a papier collection!!

    • Have you heard about the new Vicious Villains collection coming out late September? Now that I can’t wait for…Disney and MAC that sounds like a cool combo.

  2. 4 cawsmoofs

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    I’ve been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

    Thumbs up, and keep it going!


  3. eye shadows that are waterproof are great and i always use them-`-

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