Review – MAC Marine Life Highlighter


Of all the collections MAC has released this year; To the Beach has probably made the most waves… excuse the pun. And if one product out of the collection really stood out for the masses it has to be said that Marine Life Highlighter Powder was it! This gorgeous little pan of glowy coral sold out around the world within days, and within hours online. Lucky for me I managed to pick one up at my local MAC, and this last weekend while traveling to another province on holiday I managed to find one more (the last one) in their local MAC store.

I’ve read some posts and blogs that condemn this product as only hype and pretty dupable. I agree on some levels, but look at it, it’s just so pretty.

The compact is limited edition and is housed in gorgeous bright green plastic. It contains what MAC terms a highlighter with two colours and a gold overspray (this brushes off in a couple of uses – and I’m so glad because the gold overspray is way too sparkly and over the top).

Once the overspray is gone, this is what you’re left with. A deeper pinky coral and a light peachy pink. I don’t know how or why MAC thinks this is a highlighter because the darker colour is highly pigmented – almost overly so and for fairer ladies this could never be a highlighter. So go lightly with this one to begin with and build it up as you need. I personally use this compact as a blusher. Depending on the look I’m going for I either use one of the colours or I swirl both together to get a mix. When this is applied to the apples of the cheeks this truly is a gorgeous investment. It imparts the perfect coral glow to the skin and I’ve found this powder to be very finely milled. Good job MAC.

From left to right. Deep coral, light pink, and the two swirled together.

I really like that there are two colours in the compact because it makes it a far more versatile product in my opinion and although the overspray is gorgeous, once you get beneath it you really begin to unleash the potential of this product. It retailed at around R260.00 here in South Africa and I believe $26.00 in the US. In my opinion the hype around this compact is well founded. Who wouldn’t want to have corally glowing skin?

Let me know if you managed to snap up one of these bad boys or if you still think it’s all hype.


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2 Responses to “Review – MAC Marine Life Highlighter”

  1. 1 Ashley

    Ahhhhh I so wanted this! It was sold out for me though. Thanks so much for the swatches! Even if I don’t own it, I love seeing how others use it and how it looks on their skintone.

  2. Hello,
    I missed it =(

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