Boy that’s bright!


Morange? What kind of name is that? That’s what my brother said when I requested this bad boy for my birthday. It was a colour I was keen on, but wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend MY hard earned cash on. Rather let someone else buy it for me.

And it’s a beauty… in the bullet. A bright, unforgiving orange; MAC Morange is only for the brave. It doesn’t lean to an orange red, so you can’t get away with it like you can with Lady Danger. This is pure orange, there’s no getting around it.

The look I was imagining in my head was a hot catwalk orange, and this surely delivers.

I just don’t have the guts to wear it most of the time!

It’s an amplified finish, which is one of my favourites for it’s creamy texture and after applying there’s a noticable sheen to this lipstick. Although it’s easy to wear texture-wise, I wish it was a matte. For me the colour needs a matte texture to play up its retro edge, and play down the “I’ve just smeared my face with orange clown paints” look.

Blotted with a tissue it mattes down nicely enough, and with a paired down eye and perfect skin, it’s a nice alternative to a bright pink. Now if I can only stop imagining it…and start wearing it!

Do you have any bright products you bought and then were too shy to wear?




8 Responses to “Boy that’s bright!”

  1. yay you’re blogging!! I have a Makeup Forever orange that is very similar to Morange, I have never worn it but just had to have it! I’ve used it on a lot more shoots than I thought I would, viva orange!

    • Yay blogging again because we finally have internet in our new place! It’s glorious! I am basking in the wonder that is the interweb! About the orange thing… I’m imagining it in a shoot, awesome!

  2. I have an incredibly beautiful purple from MAC’s current Quite Cute range. Its a cremesheen, so it does tend to be a bit shiny. Having said that, it goes on really nicely and doesn’t make that line on the inside of your lips that mattes tend to do. The colour is nice with olive skin tones (even though I find most brights are better paired with pale skintones) and paired with a liquid liner, it is just phenom!
    I’ve worn it out and gotten some nice compliments. Even my bf likes it- except when he gets it all over his face.

    “Play Time” from MAC’s Quite Cute Range

    • I think I saw it! Was it the one you tweet picced? If so it is amazeballs. Even though we’re going into Winter I feel like I’m trying to put bright stuff on my face in an attempt to stop it in its tracks!

  3. I have so many lipsticks (and make up in general!) that I’m just too afraid to wear because of how vibrant they are! I tried to wear a fuchsia lipstick last week, but even blotted down to almost gone, it was still too bright for me :/

    • I seem to have tons too, although I’ve been attempting to use them this last week. So far I’ve worn a few bright pinks, and a bright orange red.

  4. I love orange reds (ie NARS Heat Wave, Illamasqua Ignite, Revlon Coral), but don’t own any full blown oranges. Would like to try MAC Morange though it swatches so pretty!

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