Mida’s touch with Illamasqua


I’ve long been a fan of Illamasqua, and if you held a gun to my head I’d probably choose them for their wonderfully pigmented products and innovative items. They only release core collections around twice a year and boy are they magnificent! Case in point the latest Toxic Nature collection, which has me salivating.

I love these promo images, they’re so out there!

This glorious thing…

…is Powdered Metal in Thalia, which they describe as a golden tan shimmer and came out with the Sirens collection of ’09.

These promo images are still gorgeous 2 years later. Looks like Alex Box slapped a whole bunch of this stuff all over the model.

It’s a multipurpose powder and it is amazing. It can be applied subtly for a slight sheen, or it can be applied for full on metallic effect. It differs from some of the MAC Iridescent loose powders in that it’s more finely milled and far more pigmented. If you’re looking for subtle maybe the MAC ones would suit you better.

I love this for a golden glow on the tops of cheek bones… or for full on metallic applied wet on the eyes.

This stuff retails for £22.50 and is a pretty massive 15 grams. Enough to completely gild yourself.




2 Responses to “Mida’s touch with Illamasqua”

  1. Purrrdddy ❤

  2. I love it!! So shimmery 🙂

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