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Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2011 already? 11 years since hillbillies across the world went crazy, bought out supermarkets’ non-perishable goods, built bunkers and thought we would all combust in the year 2000! And we’re all still here… I normally don’t do resolutions because by February the real world has caught up […]

A further update regarding the MAC Rodarte collection. Article taken from MAC to Donate its Global Profits from the MAC Rodarte Makeup Collection to Benefit Newly Created Women and Girls of Juarez Initiative MAC and Rodarte apologize to the victims and their families in Juarez, the people of Mexico, the Mexican Government and concerned […]

Due to the high number of opinions that were expressed about the upcoming MAC Rodarte collaboration, MAC and Rodarte have released new statements: MAC said: We understand that product names in the M·A·C Rodarte collection have offended our consumers and fans. This was never our intent and we are very sorry. We continue to listen […]

MAC and Rodarte have collaborated for a collection due to be released in September, and for those who are unaware of the situation as it stands at the moment, the collaboration has caused an uproar amongst the beauty blogging community. Supposedly based on an inspirational road trip and Mexico’s landscape the collection features rather ghostlike, […]

When Lady Gaga came onto the scene I hated her, I thought she was crass, over the top and tasteless, nevermind her music. But around a year later and I’ve been converted…completely…and it hit me strangely at the gym while running on the treadmill listening and watching MTV on the little screen attached for the […]

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I know I have been the worst blogger ever. Guilty as charged. This month has been absolutely mad, and I’ve hardly had any time to sit back and do some posts. Over the last few days I’ve worked on some interesting things… I worked on a local Debonairs advert which was just a weather day […]