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I’ve long been a fan of Illamasqua, and if you held a gun to my head I’d probably choose them for their wonderfully pigmented products and innovative items. They only release core collections around twice a year and boy are they magnificent! Case in point the latest Toxic Nature collection, which has me salivating. I […]

Morange? What kind of name is that? That’s what my brother said when I requested this bad boy for my birthday. It was a colour I was keen on, but wasn’t sure that I wanted to spend MY hard earned cash on. Rather let someone else buy it for me. And it’s a beauty… in […]

My bests…


Hi everyone! So I’m finally back online after a forced hiatus from blogging after my internet packed up. It’s taken forever to get someone to come sort it out, and when they finally did come it was a simple 2 minute fix outside in the box that houses all the internet cables… Argh. Moving on… […]

Hello my lovelies! This is a review I’ve wanted to do for some time now, and for good reason, because I love sharing news of great products, and this is the shiz. MAC Paint Pot in Blackground is a charcoal cream eyeshadow with a hint of glitter that only just translates on the eye. Worn […]

Hello beauties! Illamasqua is one of my favourite brands; and even if their products were sub-standard I’d probably buy them anyway purely based on their ethos and philosophy. Make-up for your alter ego? Where do I sign up for my glittery drag queen of an alter ego? All the products that I’ve been lucky enough […]

Of all the collections MAC has released this year; To the Beach has probably made the most waves… excuse the pun. And if one product out of the collection really stood out for the masses it has to be said that Marine Life Highlighter Powder was it! This gorgeous little pan of glowy coral sold […]

Lately I’ve been pretty uninterested in MACs Limited Edition Launches, until I saw the Promo pictures of their To the Beach collection and I have to say the gorgeous orange and green packaging and corally / bronze colours really won me over. Things that I really had my eye on were the blushers and the […]