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Hello everybody Thanks so much for all the wonderful feedback I have received over the last few days! I know I’m not the most dedicated blogger, but I solemnly swear to blog more often and bring you more reviews and pictures of awesome products. And so… to celebrate 2011 I’ve organised a small giveaway. Sleek […]

Congratulations to KELL! You have just won your choice of lipstick, which I believe was MAC’s Snob! A gorgeous pastel pink. I’ll be buying this beauty this weekend for you and sending it off next week! Please reply to this post or send your postal address to and you’ll be seeing your dream product […]

Of all the collections MAC has released this year; To the Beach has probably made the most waves… excuse the pun. And if one product out of the collection really stood out for the masses it has to be said that Marine Life Highlighter Powder was it! This gorgeous little pan of glowy coral sold […]