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As a makeup artist I often get asked about foundation and all that it entails. It scared me for years, and it seems to scare people in very much the same way. I think it’s partly because if you get it wrong, it can be so disastrous. Flashback to the dodgy foundation formulas of years […]



Happy New Year everyone! Can you believe it’s 2011 already? 11 years since hillbillies across the world went crazy, bought out supermarkets’ non-perishable goods, built bunkers and thought we would all combust in the year 2000! And we’re all still here… I normally don’t do resolutions because by February the real world has caught up […]



Erin O’Connor for John Galliano 2002 Fall. The ever genius Mc Grath.

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I know I have been the worst blogger ever. Guilty as charged. This month has been absolutely mad, and I’ve hardly had any time to sit back and do some posts. Over the last few days I’ve worked on some interesting things… I worked on a local Debonairs advert which was just a weather day […]



Alexandra Agoston John Galliano – Fall 2008 Alexa xx

Fabulous over the top and futuristic? Yes please. If you like that idea have a look at this Serge Lutens advert for the exclusive Japanese brand Inoui. They were part of the Shiseido brand but are unfortunately discontinued. But we can still admire the brilliance of the range in this advert that ran in Tokyo […]

When I was thinking of more of my beauty icons I remembered the quintessential power house of slashed T-shirts, mini jumpers and neon headbands and of course completely over the top and utterly fabulous 80s makeup: Debbie Harry. How could I not add this downtown real woman to the line-up? What I love the most? […]