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My bests…


Hi everyone! So I’m finally back online after a forced hiatus from blogging after my internet packed up. It’s taken forever to get someone to come sort it out, and when they finally did come it was a simple 2 minute fix outside in the box that houses all the internet cables… Argh. Moving on… […]

I thought I should give you a little update on things I am loving at the moment and the products I am hating. My taste in makeup changes from week to week, and what I may find works really well one week, I can detest on my skin the next. I think this is probably […]



I haven’t done this yet on my blog, so thought I’d give it a go and post a ‘face of the day’. This for me is a day look, although normally I wouldn’t wear this on my eyes. I was going on a casual date with my boyfriend and wanted to do something fun. It’s […]

Well, the time has come to touch on the subject of foundations. Now this is a tough one for me, because it’s such a personalised thing. I even find my skin changes daily and I have to adapt my foundation regimen accordingly. I probably have about 4 foundations that I rotate between; namely Estee Lauder […]